Family Law & Divorce

There is often a clear distinction between legal services for business and those for individuals but family law can sometimes be much less clearly defined.

Business owners, managers and employees have their professional roles to perform but everyone has a private life and there are very few of us who are not in some way affected by their families.

Family law can impinge upon business operations in many ways, perhaps most obviously with respect to family owned businesses.  Those affected may be involved in disputes over ownership, shares and remuneration but, equally, they may be thinking about more positive issues such as succession planning, roles and responsibilities, and plans for a secure and happy retirement.

Whatever your most pressing concerns, Lewis Mitchell Solicitors can help you to make the right decisions and our experienced team of solicitors can represent your interests in everything from contract negotiations to arbitration and appearances in court.

Some of the many issues with which we can help include:

  • Business dissolution agreements
  • Business ownership or sale disputes
  • Directors’ contracts and remuneration agreements
  • Divorce settlements
  • Inheritance issues
  • Pension agreements
  • Financial Separation Agreements
  • Consent Order
  • Succession planning
  • Transfer of Equity

For more information about these and other aspects of family law services, please contact Asaf Niaz or Nicholas Lusty today.

We are happy to hold informal no-obligation discussions at our offices or at any venue that is suitable and convenient for you.

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