Intellectual Property Rights

Intellectual property is the single most important asset that many businesses own.

Without their brand reputation, a recognised name and logo, their inventions, systems and technical know-how, they would lose their competitive advantage and the effects could be ruinous.

Protecting one’s intellectual property rights is therefore an essential part of business. Copyright, trademarks, patents and registered designs call all be used to secure this protection but, all too often, it is an issue that business owners overlook. Fortunately, when you work with Lewis Mitchell Solicitors inc Ruth Moores & Co, the process of protecting and enforcing intellectual property rights is both easy and affordable.


What Are Intellectual Property Rights?

The Intellectual Property Office notes that “Intellectual Property (IP) results from the expression of an idea. So IP might be a brand, an invention, a design… or another intellectual creation. IP can be owned, bought and sold.

There are four principal forms of IP Rights, which are:

    • Designs – e.g. a business logo or distinctively shaped product
    • Trademarks – signs and symbols by which businesses are recognised
    • Copyright – an automatic right on published content such as text and images
    • Patents – relating to designs, methods, materials and processes that achieve a specific function



How Lewis Mitchell Solicitors Can Help You

We can put at your disposal experienced IPR specialists who will advise you on the most secure and cost effective ways of protecting your intellectual property. They can also draft associated legal contracts such as non-disclosure agreements for suppliers, employees, partners and other stakeholders.

As seasoned solicitors with an in depth understanding of IP regulations, they can also support you if you need to enforce your rights against infringement or if you become engaged in an intellectual property dispute. Whether you operate only in the UK or whether you need worldwide protection, we have the specialist expertise necessary to keep your investments safe.


For more information and advice about protecting your intellectual property rights, please call us today for a free no obligation initial consultation.

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