Personal Injury Law

Personal injury claims have attracted some negative publicity in recent years as increasing numbers of individuals have sought to make money from bogus or grossly inflated claims. This is unfortunate because many innocent people do suffer genuine injury and financial losses through no fault of their own and the law exists to give them the protection and the compensation they deserve.

At Lewis Mitchell, we handle personal injury law in exactly the same way that we handle all other legal cases. Our first step is to arrange an initial meeting to assess the claim and identify whether the client has a legitimate and winnable case to present. If so, then we will do everything we can to bring about a successful outcome – one that properly compensates the client for whatever injury or financial losses that he or she has sustained.

Typical Personal Injury Claims

Some of the accidents and issues that commonly precipitate personal injury claims include:

  • Accidents in the workplace
  • Medical negligence
  • Road traffic accidents
  • Trips and falls in commercial or public spaces
  • Whiplash injury claims
  • Work related hearing loss
  • Work related injuries or illness

Personal Injury Claim Criteria

In order to be entitled to make a legitimate personal injury claim, the following criteria should apply:
You suffered the injury or illness through no fault of your own, and:
The incident was caused by an individual or organisation that failed to take reasonable care for your safety, and:

  • The incident took place within the last three years, and:
  • The injury or illness caused you significant pain or distress, or:
  • It caused you to entail a financial loss (e.g. through being unable to work) or:
  • It caused you to entail exceptional expenses (e.g.  the costs of medical care, adaptations or equipment required during your recovery) or:
  • It caused your quality of life to suffer (e.g. it resulted in a disability of some kind)

Injuries may be physical or psychological and may have temporary or permanent effects.

How Lewis Mitchell Can Help You

As responsible legal professionals, we will help you to present any legitimate personal injury claim and to achieve all the compensation to which you should be entitled. We have an excellent track record in this field and we are extremely proficient at giving the courts a clear and accurate impression of the losses you have suffered in order that they can make a fair and appropriate award.

When these awards reflect serious injury or accidents that will have a lasting effect on one’s lifestyle and independence, they can be very significant and can make a lasting difference to the quality of our clients’ lives.  We therefore take our responsibilities very seriously and do our utmost to achieve the best possible outcome for you.


For more details about our personal injury claims services, please contact us today.