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Family Law & Divorce

We specialise in Divorce, Children Law, Consent Orders, Child Protection Arrangements, Financial Separation Agreements, Court Injunctions, Child Custody, Child Maintenance Agreements.

Bereavement, inheritance, separation, divorce and child custody are all highly emotive subjects and, as a result, family law can be a very complex field that demands sensitive and delicate handling. At Lewis Mitchell Solicitors we excel in helping our clients to cope with the pressures involved whilst ensuring that, in the midst of everything, they maintain a clear focus on achieving a fair and positive outcome.

Due to the complexities and individual nature of human relationships, there can be no definitive list of all the subjects that might be covered under this general heading but some typical examples might include:

    • Child custody and parental responsibility agreements

    • Child maintenance agreements

    • Child protection arrangements

    • Civil partnership contracts

    • Marital Separation Agreements

    • Cohabitation agreements

    • Financial Separation Agreements

    • Financial Orders

    • Consent Orders

    • Pre-nuptial agreements

    • Representation in discussions with Social Services

    • Court injunctions and domestic abuse cases

    • Divorce settlements and divorce consent orders

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Why Lewis Mitchell Solicitors  

Our legal experts experienced solicitors and litigators with a detailed understanding of the relevant legislation; they also have a variety of personal and communication skills that help to guide people through the intricacies of family law. Family disagreements can be distressing and very destructive so, wherever appropriate, we’ll do our utmost to secure a mutually beneficial outcome with which all members of the family can be satisfied.
If you’d like to meet with us in person to consider your options, we’ll be happy to arrange an initial no-obligation discussion wherever is most convenient for you – be that at our offices based in Clitheroe  your home, your workplace or some other venue in Clitheroe, Skipton, Whalley, Longridge, Blackburn, Burnley, Preston, Manchester, Southport or Liverpool.
For more information about how we can help you with any aspect of family law, please contact our Mr Nicholas Lusty, Mr Asaf Niaz or our Managing Partner  Mrs Michelle Niaz on 01200 428102