Commercial Litigation

Businesses, charities and other organisations can find themselves faced with legal disputes at almost any time.

Contracts govern everything from supply agreements to terms of employment, and there are many statutory requirements and industry-specific regulations with which managers and their organisations must also comply.

Wherever money, goods, services or intellectual property change hands, there is the potential for disagreement and the costs of such disputes can be considerable. Not only is there the cost of protecting one’s business interests to consider; there is also the risk of losing valuable assets and, perhaps more importantly still, the burden that such actions can impose on management time.

A director or business owner who is preoccupied with fighting a legal dispute is unlikely to be able to give the enterprise itself the attention and time it deserves and, consequently, profits can suffer. To prevent this, Lewis Mitchell offers businesses a comprehensive commercial litigation service that leaves managers free to concentrate on their jobs.


What is Commercial Litigation?

Commercial litigation relates to legal actions involving businesses, social enterprises and similar organisations. It can range from relatively minor disputes to cases that could threaten the profitability and the very survival of the companies in question. Some examples include:

    • Breaches of contract
    • Debt recovery and related disputes
    • Settlement Agreements
    • Employment contract disputes
    • Franchise disputes
    • Injunctions
    • Overcharging disputes
    • Professional negligence claims
    • Property disputes
    • Shareholder disputes
    • Property & Construction Disputes


How Can Lewis Mitchell help you

Lewis Mitchell’s success rate in the field of commercial litigation is second to none. This is because, for every new case, we take great pains to appoint litigators with direct personal experience of the industry and the issues in question. This careful matching process ensures that whatever the nature of the dispute, you can always count on the support of experienced legal representation and a thorough understanding of the relevant laws.


If you need help with any aspect of commercial litigation, please contact Michelle Niaz LLB (Hons) at Lewis Mitchell  today.

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