Employment Law

Employment law has a profound effect upon millions of individuals. It governs matters such as entitlement to a minimum wage, to maternity leave, to safe working conditions and many other important concerns.

As such, it plays an important role in helping to protect ordinary employees against unfair treatment and unnecessary risks to health. In practice, however, it tends to be a branch of law to which people most often turn when things have begun to go wrong.

At Lewis Mitchell  we can help to ensure that whatever your stage in life – whether you’re starting your first job, expecting a baby or planning for your retirement – you can always take full advantage of the various protections and safeguards that the law affords.


What is Employment Law?

Employment law relates to agreements between workers and their employees, and to each party’s statutory rights and obligations under British law. It is a broad and potentially complex field that encompasses many important issues. Examples include:

    • Bullying and harassment
    • Conditions of employment
    • Discrimination (gender, race, age, religion, disability etc.)
    • Entitlement to safe working conditions
    • Grievance procedures
    • Holiday entitlement
    • Illegal deductions from pay
    • Maternity / paternity leave
    • Pension provision
    • Personal injury at work
    • Sick pay entitlement
    • Terms of redundancy
    • Unfair dismissal / wrongful dismissal


How We Can Help You

Entering into a legal dispute with your employer might seem like an intimidating prospect but, with an experienced legal practice on your side, you can be sure that the process will be fair and balanced. Lewis Mitchell  has enabled many clients to achieve favourable outcomes in matters of employment law and, if you have a legitimate case, we’re confident we can do the same for you.

We can arrange out-of-hours meetings at your home or at any other suitable venue.

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