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Employment law is one of the most common points of contact between business and the legal profession.

Covering a diverse range of subjects, from employment contracts to dismissal and grievance procedures, it has important implications for the day to day operations of any enterprise so it’s important to be sure that your contracts and procedures are set up to serve your best interests.


At Lewis Mitchell Solicitors inc Ruth Moores & Co we can give you that certainty. We can review your written agreements, such as settlement agreements, your standard employment contracts, your systems and processes to ensure that are enjoying the legal protection you need and that you  are always treated with total fairness and transparency.


How We Can Help

Our employment law specialists can help with a wide range of issues, such as:

    • Settlement Agreements
    • Disciplinary hearings
    • Dismissal proceedings
    • Drafting employment contracts
    • Employee mediation
    • Employment tribunals
    • Grievance procedures
    • Pension policies and agreements
    • Redundancy negotiations and procedures
    • Reviewing employment policies
    • Staff benefits policies
    • Standardising employment contracts (e.g. following mergers)
    • TUPE transfers


We can work as consultants or as your legal representatives in tribunals, arbitration meetings and in the courts. In all cases, we aim to deliver a swift, efficient service, measurable results and truly outstanding value for money.

All discussions are held in absolute confidence and, should your require an initial face-to-face meeting, we can arrange that at our offices or at any suitable venue that is convenient for you. Out-of-hours assistance is also available.

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Open 7 Days a Week from 9.00 am – 9.00 pm

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