Contract Law

Contract law can relate to any kind of formal, legally binding agreement between two or more parties.

Often, one of those parties is an individual and the agreements they sign can affect many different aspects of their life: their finances, their employment, even the kind of life they can expect to live after retirement or if they require long term care.

Given the importance of contract law, it is essential that ordinary people feel able to call upon accurate and affordable legal advice at the times when it matters the most. At Lewis Mitchell  we excel in delivering just such a service.

Support with Contract Law

We are able to scrutinise, review and develop contracts to ensure that everything included within them is legal, fair and enforceable. They also explain every aspect of the contract so that clients understand any obligations or restrictions that the terms of the contract might impose upon them.

The results of our service are clarity, security and peace of mind. By working with us, you can ensure that you aren’t subject to unreasonable constraints, penalties or duties and, where necessary, you’ll have the confidence and support to demand changes to any contract that does not serve your interests. You can call upon our skilled solicitors to draft clear, enforceable contracts that respect your wishes and deliver the full protection you require.

How We Can Help You

With years of experience in drafting and negotiating contracts, we  are able to draft terms that satisfy the requirements of the various signatories. Where required, we can represent the interests of a single individual, or we can operate as an independent third party whose impartiality helps to build trust and to accelerate the process of reaching agreement.

If you or your family need help with understanding, writing or negotiating a contract of any kind, please contact us.

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